As I sipped my morning coffee, I asked myself what I could be mindful of today. I set the coffee down and drew the Justice card. On the face of Kim Krans’ Wild Unknown Justice card, two cats, one white and one black sit divided by a long sword yet towards the bottom of the card, their tails are entwined. Polarity is at play, which side is right? However, the tails remind me, there is a connection between the two sides that suggests one cannot exist without the other.

I thought of how this relates to my life, where I am mentally straddling between what I am doing and what I want to be doing. I think this is something many of us do. I am trying to find that balance, where I am able to do what I love and be able to do all the important adult stuff, like pay rent, buy groceries, and cover my bills.

I received somewhat disappointing news about my job yesterday. My hours have been cut from 30 to 12. There is lots of opportunity for me to pick up shifts, but I loose the regularity and the safety net of knowing that I have enough money to pay for all those adult things. Yet, I feel okay about it.

2016 is a year of change and I’m riding this wave.


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