Monday mornings should always be like this

Calm and relaxed.

Today is my province’s Family day, a stat holiday introduced by the Canadian government sometime in the last five years to help break up the lengthy Christian holiday-free period between New Years and Easter.

etsy-doodle 3-bw
Drawn this morning. Little witchy altar

I drew silly witchy drawings for an hour then made coffee and oatmeal with sliced apple for breakfast and following that, I read my daily tarot card. If this were a common morning ritual, I think many of us would be less stressed out.

The card I pulled from my deck today was the Daughter of Pentacles, which is a card I love and relate to. It’s a supportive and kind card. She’s someone who works diligently, often in the background or away from the spotlight. Others depend on her presence and reliability. She carries great internal strength. I think she might be a witch.


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