Life and Being Found

I have been sick for the past three days, coughing and drinking lots of ginger tea –prepared from fresh ginger root and served with honey.

I have taken this time to watch a lot of Netflix –Cooked is fascinating by the way. Now on day three, restlessness is starting to creep in. I’ve taken up redoing my Etsy SEO from bed, which has been more challenging than I thought. I had no idea SEO was so complicated, let alone creating keywords for both Etsy and Google. I’m curious to see how the changes I have made today will play out in the future of my shop. My plan is to reassess this in a couple of weeks to see if an improvement in my views, favourites, and sales.

My Birthday Spread.

In addition to that, I photographed two samples of tarot spreads for my two tarot readings available in my shop. This is inspiring me to learn more about photography and photo editing. However, for now I am happy with my new photos.