Why I Journal My Tarot Readings?

A friend recently asked me why I keep a written record of my tarot readings and as I was explaining to her, I thought it would make for a good blog post.

So why do I journal my tarot readings?

First and foremost, it makes me a better tarot reader.

I use it to help me remember my interpretations of the cards. I do rely on a guidebook from time to time, especially for cards I rarely come across or feel uncertain about. That said, the guidebook is a guide and I want to include my own thoughts and reactions to cards and writing them down allows me to keep a helpful record.

I often look online for spreads that people have written and do readings using them. By writing them down in my little book, I’m able to keep track of which spreads I’ve used, which ones I liked, as well as things I liked/disliked about the spread. By the end of the year, I will have a broad collection of spreads to choose from. I only started journaling spreads this year, mostly because I found myself constantly using the three same spreads for everything and I felt it was time to explore other options.

And lastly, it’s a reflection of where I am at. I have recently been doing a lot of research for spreads written with finances in mind. Why? I’m saving money to purchase a small truck and I have set a number of financial milestones for 2016.


Monday mornings should always be like this

Calm and relaxed.

Today is my province’s Family day, a stat holiday introduced by the Canadian government sometime in the last five years to help break up the lengthy Christian holiday-free period between New Years and Easter.

etsy-doodle 3-bw
Drawn this morning. Little witchy altar

I drew silly witchy drawings for an hour then made coffee and oatmeal with sliced apple for breakfast and following that, I read my daily tarot card. If this were a common morning ritual, I think many of us would be less stressed out.

The card I pulled from my deck today was the Daughter of Pentacles, which is a card I love and relate to. It’s a supportive and kind card. She’s someone who works diligently, often in the background or away from the spotlight. Others depend on her presence and reliability. She carries great internal strength. I think she might be a witch.



As I sipped my morning coffee, I asked myself what I could be mindful of today. I set the coffee down and drew the Justice card. On the face of Kim Krans’ Wild Unknown Justice card, two cats, one white and one black sit divided by a long sword yet towards the bottom of the card, their tails are entwined. Polarity is at play, which side is right? However, the tails remind me, there is a connection between the two sides that suggests one cannot exist without the other.

I thought of how this relates to my life, where I am mentally straddling between what I am doing and what I want to be doing. I think this is something many of us do. I am trying to find that balance, where I am able to do what I love and be able to do all the important adult stuff, like pay rent, buy groceries, and cover my bills.

I received somewhat disappointing news about my job yesterday. My hours have been cut from 30 to 12. There is lots of opportunity for me to pick up shifts, but I loose the regularity and the safety net of knowing that I have enough money to pay for all those adult things. Yet, I feel okay about it.

2016 is a year of change and I’m riding this wave.